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Landfill leaching

Pollutant leaching depends on waste characteristics and the applied pretreatment, leachate management, the confinement layers, the subsoil and the present aquifers.

Different commercial software tools are used to evaluate potential pollutant leaching from the waste body.

These pollution simulations can be used in different stages of the landfill life cycle:

  1. During landfill engineering, pollutant emissions simulations will decide upon the required engineering in view of risk management
  2. In case of actual pollution during exploitation, potential sources of pollution can be traced back based using the same emission simulations


Pollux Consulting uses specific seperate software for both leaching of pollutants to the groundwater and the dispersion of pollutants in the aquifer.

Figures show the sofware interface for pollutant leaching from the waste body to the aquifer (Landsim by Golder Associates) and a leakage simulation with ammonium dispersion in the aquifer (case study)