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Carbon & Renewables

Pollux’ experience on landfill gas valorization has opened doors to other projects on Carbon Management and Renewable Energy.

We can be your guide through the world of Carbon Management :

  • Training:  Pollux Consulting is an active partner in "The Monument", a working group active in supporting companies to introduce carbon in their business strategy. Pollux Consulting  is closely involved in their activities on carbon consultancy and carbon training sessions on topics such as:
    • the science behind climate change
    • economics of the low carbon environment
    • low carbon technologies
    • carbon strategy
    • carbon marketing
    • climate change and compliance
    • carbon financing
  • Reduction of company carbon emission:
    • analyzing carbon footprints
    • setting up MAC curves for effective carbon emission reduction
    • introducing the application of renewable energy 
    • offsetting carbon emissions and carbon emission  trading
  • Assistance in projects related to the Kyoto flexible mechanisms and variants
    • CDM Clean Development Mechanism projects
    • VCR Voluntary Carbon emission Reduction projects
    • CF Carbon Fee related projects

This complementarity makes Pollux Consulting an ideal partner in achieving a sustainable waste management and reduced carbon footprint for your company.

Landfill Cogeneration project Landfill gas engine