Pollux Consulting

When the client speaks, we listen

About us

Since its founding in 2004, Pollux Consulting further developed into a leading expert in sustainable Landfill Engineering, building on the prior expertise of its founders.

Flowing from this core activity of Landfill Engineering, also biogas management, leachate treatment and electricity generation from renewable resources are integral parts of Pollux's portfolio. Pollux also participates in carbon management activities related to its projects.

Our experts are founders and owners of the company, demonstrating the strong commitment that is typical for our approach.

Four key features of our methodology :

* We carefully listen to our clients, hence we develop thorough understanding of their needs.

* We have a broad experience, yet we continuously focus on re-engineering. Copy-paste solutions are taboo.

* We form one team with the client. Intense interaction aims at reaching satisfying solutions fast.

* We strive for long term cooperation and relationships with customers, through full understanding of their infrastructure and continuous collection of feedback on our design

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