Pollux Consulting

When the client speaks, we listen

Mission and Vision

Our vision

A growing world population and its ever-increasing consumption pattern requires a constant upgrade of waste management technologies worldwide.

Sustainable waste management is all about solutions that are financially affordable, socially acceptable and environmentally viable. These are the pillars of sustainability.

Up to now, more than 85 % of waste worldwide is still being landfilled. Unfortunately, most of that happens through uncontrolled dumping practice.

Mineral and hazardous waste management will continue to heavily rely on landfill technology far into the future.

We acknowledge the value of incineration in the municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment hierarchy, yet believe that controlled sanitary landfilling will remain a sustainable MSW treatment solution in a major part of the world for a long time to come.

Hence, a constant further refinement of landfill technology is required. This should allow waste management and landfilling to go hand in hand with the wellbeing of the environment.

Our mission

Pollux Consulting recognises landfilling as an important technology in waste management worldwide.

Pollux Consulting wants to:

  • improve this technology by continuous in-house research
  • maintain its position as expert in its field
  • apply its knowledge and expertise via specific and detailed engineering using specialised software and design techniques
  • strive for long term cooperation with the client, to fully master the client's landfill and reach out for continuous feedback on our engineering

We see landfilling as an important tool for sustainable waste management, in harmony with a clean environment. The nature backgrounds on our website are a source of inspiration and motivation for its conservation.