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Risk Audit

A risk audit is a check of the specific risks of a certain landfill. This audit should allow to identify short and long term liabilities in relation to legal requirements and the concept of good practice.

A risk audit is based on:

  • specific measurement of emissions to the environment (groundwater, surface water, atmosphere)
  • analysis of :
    • indications of contaminants (direct or indirect) in the environment
    • behaviour of certain pollutants in the environment
    • mobility of contaminants in the environment
  • study of legal requirements
  • benchmarking to identify the level of good practice

In view of the type of landfill, specific parameters might be analysed.


  • DNA fingerprinting in groundwater:    Showcase
  • IR measurement for methane emission:    Showcase
  • behaviour  analysis of pollutants in surface water:     Showcase